Thursday, May 31, 2012

Whoa! What! Wow!

There's a new article and it's not here! Because it's being run by the cool, fresh and cute people over at Medium Difficulty! What the heck, right? Yeah, I know!

Anyway the article is directly linked below, and also the terrible secret of my birth name is exposed.

[L@@K] (Warning: suggestive images of moe anime schoolgirls and fetish models and Krahulik tweets.)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Transmissions From Another World

Have you ever wondered what entries in the modern slate of AAA titles might look like if a different genre of game had been triumphant instead of first-person action-shooter-RPGs? No? Well, now you probably are.

Read along to the accompanying audio for enhanced effect. Multimedia!

review by Ryan "Bingo" Milliard (@GLRyanM)
[WARNING: Heavy spoilers to ensue.]
As I pressed Start and created my save profile for the conclusion to this highly lauded tetralogy, I could only anticipate what kind of staggering finale was in store and the closure it would bring. It had been less than a year since I last donned The Captain's regalia, but that only served to keep my memories crisp. As the intro cinematic played and that familiar orchestral refrain surged to the fore, I immediately felt at home. Still, for all my expectations, the rewards that lay in store for me could never truly be predicted.
The save-reading wasn't as blissfully perfect as I had envisioned, but the sense of continuity was more than well-preserved. My allegiances remained intact; while years had passed since The Captain's tragic accident, familiar faces rightfully brightened or glowered in response to my bittersweet homecoming. Hushed whispers of those in my crew who had passed away wafted quietly through the garages and watering holes which too had seen their share of changes. For instance, since my Captain had chosen the more violent response to the infamous "urinal confrontation" scene of the last game, the bathroom of the Boost Pad bar had been remodeled… save for the same blood-spattered ceramic tiles in the texture. Brilliant.